For the creation of our WHISPER mattresses, we have selected the latest innovations in foam: different types of viscoelastic foam, polyurethane high resilience foam, as well as latex.

Viscoelastic foam

Viscoelastic foam was first created by NASA to help astronauts absorb shock.Mattress experts decided to integrate it into mattress manufacturing because of its adaptative properties. When we lie on memory foam, it adapts to the weight of the body, instantly moulds to our shape and continues to adapt to movements during the night. It offers a flexible and enveloping comfort in the surface of the mattress and provides a wonderful sensation of weightlessness. Muscle tension is released, the vertebrae is softened and the whole body relaxes.
WHISPER Bedding® uses viscoelastic foams of different densities and compositions in its range of mattresses.

Advantages of viscoelastic foam

Viscoelastic foam provides numerous advantages: excellent support, pleasant comfort, no motion transfer and exceptional durability. Associated with the Whisp Air® manufacturing system it also ensures excellent air circulation between the different layers of foam that make up the mattress, and the accumulation of heat and perspiration will be limited giving you a cooler night’s sleep.



icone mousse blue latex®Blue Latex®

A latex material used by high-end mattress brands. [More info]

icone whisp latexWhisp Latex®

HR foam based on last generation latex, with alveolar cells, more flexible and breathable than traditional foams. [More info]


icone memory 80Memory 80®

Viscoelastic foam of 80 kg / m3 density, thermoregulatory and resistant to changes in temperature. [More info]

icone whisp memory

Whisp Memory®

New generation high density viscoelastic foam that is both flexible and progressive at the same time. [More info]

icone gel fresh

Gel Fresh®

Viscoelastic foam with refreshing gel microparticles that allow you to sleep at the ideal temperature in summer. [More info]

icone whisp graphene

Whisp Graphene®

Viscoelastic foam with graphene particles that are naturally antibacterial that prevent the accumulation of moisture within the bedding. [More info]



icone softwool


We use merino wool in all of our mattresses. We chose merino wool over traditional wool as it has superior qualities and is more durable. [More info]


icone tissu carbotex


Ideal for combatting daily stress, this fabric contains carbon microfibres that creates a barrier against static electricity produced by the body. [More info]


icone oeko-tex


Our materials benefit from anti-mite and antibacterial treatment and are certified free of harmful substances by Oeko-tex®. [More info]

icone hypoallergenique


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, which guarantees that the tissues are hypoallergenic and free of substances harmful to human health.

icone whispair


The foam blocks are profiled and sculpted so that the air passes between the different layers of the mattress. This allows the release of moisture from the core of the mattress for a longer mattress life. This system is built into the mattress side bands and the summer side in 3D airy fabric for maximum ventilation.[More info]


icone reversible


All our mattresses are created to be used every direction possible: summer / winter, head / feet. This is how to fully enjoy the mattress, turning it head / feet every 3 months and summer / winter every 6 months. [More info]

icone double faces été hiver

Summer / winter

All our models have reversible dual seasons. The winter side of WHISPER mattresses consists of high-quality merino wool to conserve heat. The summer side is covered in 3D mesh fabric that ensures air circulation to the core of the mattress and prevents moisture from accumulating for more freshness throughout the mattress.

icone 9 zones de confort

9 comfort zones

Latest innovation in the mattress sector: the 9-zone structure.
Each zone has its own separate ventilation channel and the structure guarantees a point-by-point support for the entire body: feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips, lumbar, shoulders, neck and head. This concept allows the reduction of lower and upper back pain and reduces compression points thus improving blood circulation. [More info]

icone independance de couchage

No motion transfer

On average, we turn approximately 40 times throughout the night. That is 80 times if you have a sleep partner! All our mattresses ensure no motion transfer thus providing you with a disturbance-free sleep. [More info]

icone lit électrique ou articulé

Electric beds

Mattresses with a thickness of 16 cm or less can be adapted to electric beds. The internal structure of the mattress consists of quality foams allowing them to bend without distorting.

icone mémoire deux faces

Viscoelastic 1 side / Viscoelastic 2 sides

Viscoelastic foam has been invented and developed by NASA in order to help astronauts absorb shock. Today it is widely used in the manufacture of mattresses as it offers flexible and enveloping support. The muscles are released of tension, the spine is supported, and the entire body relaxes with a sensation of weightlessness. Depending on the model, viscoelastic foam may be present on one side (the winter side) or on both sides of the mattress (winter and summer side).