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Sleep technology at your service!

WHISPER has thought of everyone. Whether you are an athlete, an insomniac, sensitive to changes in temperature or are suffer with joint problems, WHISPER has a mattress to suit you.

WHISPER has created a set of high-end models in this range from 25 to 30 cm. Each model is composed of intricately designed new generation foams.

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    Whisper ACTIVE Mattress

    98,99 252,99 
    Fill up with energy!

    The Whisper ACTIVE mattress has been created by athletes for athletes who seek maximum physical recovery during rest time and who want to improve their daily performance.

    Like athletes, we have maximized the Whisper ACTIVE model’s features to achieve perfection. This mattress brings together all of the necessary elements for optimum time out and muscle recovery for athletes of all levels. Composed of state-of-the-art foams certified by quality bodies, as well as an ergonomic and airy internal structure, the Whisper ACTIVE mattress has been approved by a significant number of athletes.

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    Whisper Dual Mattress

    98,99 252,99 

    At WHISPER Bedding®, we know that many of us enjoy the benefits of viscoelastic padding in both winter and summer. Whisper Bedding® aims to keep everybody happy so our sleep specialists created the WHISPER DUAL mattress. Its features are many, but its main quality is that it features viscoelastic foam on both sides, so it promises relaxing and comfortable nights in all seasons.

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    Whisper IMPERIAL Mattress

    108,99 270,99 
    The WHISPER IMPERIAL mattress guarantees you a majestic night’s sleep that is fit for royalty!

    Created for the people who demand the best quality in rest, it is rated the best of its kind on the market today.

    It consists of the best materials available from the premium mattress industry and has been researched and developed to offer structured support and optimal comfort.
The superiority of its finishes and thickness of 30 cm make this model the best design and technology from of the WHISPER Bedding® collection. The superiority of its finishes and thickness of 30 cm make this model the best design and technology from of the WHISPER Bedding® collection. Enjoying the best sleep experience in all seasons, whatever your body composition, is now easy with WHISPER IMPERIAL.

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    Whisper THERMOGEL Mattress

    98,99 252,99 

    If you suffer from heat at the night, this mattress is for you!

    The THERMOGEL mattress has been created specifically to adapt to changes in temperature and prevent moisture build-up from humidity produced by the body. Its unique composition of highly breathable, high density foams relieves back pain and provide an incomparable rest.

  • Out of stock

    It's time to forget the hard day's work and relax comfortably; let the Whisper ZEN mattress take you away in peaceful dreams. 

    As the name implies, the Whisper ZEN mattress helps you fight stress!

    Thanks to a clever association of top-notch materials, this model allows for a relaxing break. The presence of carbon and graphene compounds with antistatic and de-contracting properties help spend restorative nights.