FAQs – Questions/Answers Whisper Bedding®

Want to know how to get the most out of your newly purchased WHISPER BEDDING® mattress? Here is a series of commonly asked frequently asked questions to help you:

Where are WHISPER BEDDING® mattresses made? All products created by WHISPER BEDDING® are manufactured in the European Union and put through rigorous testing under EU standards in collaboration with international agency Aidima, the European technological institute for furniture, wood and packaging.

Are your mattresses delivered rolled up?
Our mattresses are delivered compressed, vacuum packed, and rolled for various reasons:
- Easy transportation, saving you costly shipping charges
- Hygiene: the waterproof packaging protects the mattress during the entire delivery process

- Accessibility: it can be easily moved anywhere
This shipping process does not alter the properties of the mattress, it is rather a test of the superior quality of the materials used in the creation of our products.[More info]

Can the mattress be used immediately after unpacking it or do we have to wait?
Our mattresses can be used almost immediately upon unpacking. However, we recommend waiting 24 to 48h for it to resume all its original shape and size.

Upon opening, an unpleasant odour comes from the mattress. Is this a manufacturing defect? Our mattresses are packaged at the end of the manufacturing process, therefore viscoelastic foams can produce an odour from the plastic packaging. This initial smell is temporary and will disappear once the mattress has been removed from its packaging and has been ventilated.

What type of mattress is the one that best suits a foam mattress?
Our mattresses adapt to all types of bed bases, and certain models adapt to adjustable or electric beds. However, we recommend a slatted base, as rigid as possible, for optimal ventilation and to prevent the mattress losing shape.

How to recognize the summer / winter side for dual-sided models?
The winter side can be recognised by the large 3D WHISPER drawing! The summer side has 3D micro-perforated fabric to let the mattress breathe in warmer seasons.[More info]

Why does only the winter side of the mattresses have viscoelastic foam?
Viscoelastic foam tends to accumulate heat, so it is perfect for the winter side of a mattress, but much less for the summer side. If you still prefer to benefit from viscoelastic foam on both sides, we do have certain models that feature this.

Are the mattresses sold with any guarantee?
WHISPER BEDDING® mattresses are guaranteed for ten years against manufacturing defects, except for problems due to improper use or poor mattress maintenance. For claims, please contact the seller's after-sales service to know the return procedure.

What is the firmness of each mattress? How should we choose the firmness?
Our mattresses are available in various firmness, from balanced to extra firm. The firmness is known by the softness of the outer layer and can be felt the moment it is laid upon. 
The firmness of a mattress does not reflect the density of the memory foam. Furthermore, firmness rating is not an indication of support, but rather an indication of comfort. We recommend choosing the firmness of a mattress based on preference and whether you enjoy more or less padding.

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