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The THERMOGEL mattress has been created specifically to adapt to changes in temperature and prevent moisture build-up from humidity produced by the body.

Its unique composition of highly breathable, high density foams relieves back pain and provide an incomparable rest.

If you suffer from heat at the night, this mattress is for you!

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mousse gel fresh


Its summer side consists of a 4 cm layer of Gel Fresh® viscoelastic foam with refreshing micro gel cells. This fantastic foam ensures the body does not overheat during summer and acts as a muscle relaxant. As your blood circulation improves, you can say goodnight to uncomfortable joint and muscle pressure. [More info]

mousse memory 80

The winter side is composed of a layer of Memory 80®, a new generation, moulded and profiled viscoelastic foam. This latest generation material is thermoregulatory, has the ability to remove heat from the body in summer and to limit the presence of moisture in the mattress. It adapts in an instant to the body for a feeling of serene weightlessness. [More info]

mousse HR Whisp Latex

A 15 cm core of Whisp Latex®, an adaptive HR foam: This foam was created by engineers and is inspired by the composition of the Blue Latex® base material, containing latex and polyurethane. These cells are 20 X more open to allow air to circulate up to the core and prevent the accumulation of heat and moisture. More resistant and more flexible than other foams, it provides a durable and perfectly balanced support. [More info]

This model contains a layer of SoftWool®: a premium quality merino wool from Ireland. This 100% natural material is thermoregulatory and protects against cold and heat. It is also hypoallergenic, breathable and will not warp over time. [More info]

The WhispAir® system used in all our mattresses consists of a set of foam blocks designed to let air pass through, along with a 3D mesh fabric to allow air to circulate to the core of the mattress. This promotes humidity regulation during sleep resulting in a longer life for the mattress and sweat-free nights for you. [More info]

The structure of the mattress is broken down into nine different support zones where ventilation channels are tunnelled to vary the firmness of the resting area. This ergonomic system aligns the spine reducing lumbar pain and compression points. [More info]

Dual seasons summer / winter: both sides of this model are designed to adapt to changes in temperature by accumulating body heat or releasing it.[More info]

It also comes with no motion transfer, so you and your partner sleep without disturbances.[More info]

The fabrics used in the manufacturing of this mattress have been certified free of harmful products by Oeko-tex®. [More info]