Whisper ZEN
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Whisper ZEN

As the name implies, the Whisper ZEN mattress helps you fight stress!
Thanks to a clever association of top-notch materials, this model allows for a relaxing break. The presence of carbon and graphene compounds with antistatic and de-contracting properties help spend restorative nights.

It’s time to forget the hard day’s work and relax comfortably; let the Whisper ZEN mattress take you away in peaceful dreams.

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Whisper ZEN


Its summer side consists of a layer of Whisp Graphene® visco-elastic foam with graphite particles that, like carbon, reduce the static electricity produced by the human body. Its use in this model fights against stress related sleeping problems. Graphite is also naturally antibacterial and regroups all the qualities for serene nights and sweet dreams. [More info]

Tissu Carbotex®

The ticking, with Carbotex® fabric covers the winter side of this model. It contains carbon threads that allow the dispersion of the static electricity created by the human body to relieve tension caused by stress and feel zen. [More info]

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On the winter side: a layer of new generation high-density visco-elastic foam; Whisp Memory®. Denser and more resilient than most memory foams on the market, this foam progressively adapts to the weight of the body independently of its shape. Its cradling welcome creates a surprising effect of weightlessness, so you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. [More info]

mousse HR Whisp Latex

At its center, a 15 cm core of Whisp Latex® support foam. This high resilience foam manufactured by our engineers is inspired by the base composition of Blue Latex® that contains latex and polyurethane. The cells of this material are 20 times more open to allow air to circulate up to the core foam and prevent the accumulation of heat and moisture. More resistant and more flexible, it provides a durable and perfectly balanced support. [More info]

This model is equipped with a layer of SoftWool®: high quality merino wool. This natural material isolates from the cold and heat and is also hypoallergenic, breathable and non-deformable. [More info]

Equipped with the WhispAir® system that associates sculpted foam blocks throughout its body, as well as sidebands and ultra-breathable 3D fabric. The ventilation of the mattress core allows the regulation of the humidity level for a longer useful life of the mattress and allows to offer dry nights. [More info]

The structure of our mattresses has been profiled to offer the exclusivity of nine different rest areas. In each area ventilation channels have been dug to vary the firmness of the resting area. This ergonomic system allows the alignment of the spine reducing lumbar pain and compression points. [More info]

The fabrics used in the manufacture of WHISPER Bedding® mattresses have been certified free of harmful products by Oeko-tex®. They are hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite and antibacterial to ensure you rest in a healthy environment. [More info]


All materials used by WHISPER Bedding® are hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial therefore ensuring a more hygienic sleep.

This model is double-sided: each of the faces of this model is specially designed to adapt to changes in temperature by accumulating body heat or evacuating it.

Reversible: this model has been created in order to be used on all sides: summer / winter and head / feet for a longer life of the mattress[More info]

WHISPER mattresses have been created so that two people can comfortably sleep, without bothering each other, this is called no motion transfer.[More info]

mémoire deux faces

This model features two sides with memory foam so you can enjoy the viscoelastic technology no matter the season!