Our mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty for any faulty workmanship or material defect.

Any defective product claim has to be reviewed and accepted by the aftersales service of Whisper Bedding®.


WHISPER BEDDING® is committed to replace or repair (under sanitary conditions) the defective product for free.

Replacement products are subject to the same warranty as the original product, calculated from the date of purchase of the original product.

If you believe there is a defect which is covered by this warranty, you should get in touch with our customer service team and they will:

– Ask you to submit a copy of your order confirmation as proof of purchase.

– Ask for a description and any evidence of the defect which you believe is covered by the warranty.

– Require you to supply photographs of the entire sleeping surface of the mattress, the different tags and any visible faults.

You may also be required to return the defective product to us.

The warranty starts on the date of delivery of the mattress and lasts until the end of 10 years from that date. The warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable by you to anyone else. The warranty covers you, whilst you own the relevant product, for the relevant time period set out above, provided the relevant product is used only for its normal intended purpose.


A brand-new mattress always needs an adaptation period.

– The filling materials will slightly compress under your body weight to better adapt to your sleeping position.

– The comfort of your new mattress is often different than your old one. Therefore, you will probably need a few weeks to get used to it.


This Limited Warranty does not apply to mattresses purchased from unauthorised retailers of Whisper Bedding® Mattresses.

An up to 3cm height difference can be noticed between the mattress you have received and the description on our website. The height of a mattress is considered in between the two different sides

The covering fabric, the sewing thread and all other elements whose good performance is related to the conditions of use are guaranteed for 6 months, within the framework of the legal guarantee, from the date of purchase. In case of appearance of mould stains on the mattress, the warranty will cover only the first 6 months from the date of receipt of the same.

If it was a manufacturing defect or a hidden defect, it would appear a few weeks after receipt.

A moisture stain appearing after a few months, may be due to several factors (poor ventilation or ventilation of the mattress or room, perspiration, wet accidentally, or cleaning out of the manufacturer’s instructions).

All mattresses resting on an old, a non-compliant or unsuitable bed base (springs, divan base etc.) will be excluded from the warranty. Whisper Bedding® mattresses are designed to work on a firm surface that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the purchaser’s Whisper Bedding® mattress and user(s), e.g. a slatted bed base. This Limited Warranty is based on tests conducted on Whisper Bedding® mattresses and approved foundations and bases. 

A mattress that is shipped compressed, rolled and boxed must be opened within 30 days of receiving the mattress to prevent compression for an extended period.  A mattress that is compressed for longer than this timeframe will have shape damage and/or condensation and could result in mould, odours, and/or discolouration.  These damages are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

It is important to note that the phase of adaptation to the shape of your body can lead to the sinking of the filling materials and a loss of firmness (less than 18% of the initial firmness). In any case, the Limited Warranty will be applied according to the following values:

Height of the mattress

Loss of height justifying care by Aftersales Service

Less than 20cm

Greater than 2cm

Between 20cm and 25cm

Greater than 2.5cm

Greater than 25cm

Greater than 3cm

Mattresses with a polyurethane foam or latex core may have a slight variation in the dimensions related to the flexible nature of the material.

These consequences in no way affect the comfort and solidity qualities of the mattress and cannot therefore be the subject of a claim.

The measurements of these values must be made with a diagonal rule of the product and on a perfect plane (on a floor for example), about 8 hours following use and under conditions of normal temperature and humidity (18 ° C). C / 20 ° C and 80%).

The comfort of your mattress can vary very slightly depending on the temperature of the room in which it is located. When you receive your new mattress, it may take a few days for the mattress to warm up and provide you with optimum comfort.

The instructions for use described in the paragraph “Mattress Maintenance” must be followed in order to guarantee a good service life of the products.


We recommend covering the mattress with a stainproof mattress protector to avoid stains, dirt, etc.

To clean the mattress, you can use a vacuum cleaner at low power and without using a rotating brush. In case of accidental stains:

– Act quickly.

– Remove the excess by absorbing liquid with a sponge.

– Always wipe from outside the stain to the inside.

– Do not use soap.

If you use any other cleaning method (steam, etc.), it will lead to the cancellation of this warranty.

Our mattresses feature a different padding on each side to adapt according to the season:

– a winter side (label side) to keep and deliver body heat

– a summer side to help airflow and regulate the temperature

Every two to six months rotate the mattress 180 degrees from head to foot. This is particularly important the first couple of years as you are breaking in the mattress.

Wash bed linens and mattress protector regularly.

Never put your mattress on a non-ventilated support, like the floor.

Every month or two when you have a sunny and dry day, strip your mattress and let the sunlight in to air out the bed for several hours (though if bedbugs are possible, leave the cover on).

This helps prevent excess moisture both from sleepers and humidity and may also help keep dust mite populations in check.

If you can’t find an answer to your problem, please contact us: [email protected]

In the event of a Defect, you should e-mail us. You may be required to provide us with proof of purchase and evidence of the Defect. You may also be required to return the defective Product to:

C/ Falcia, N17, P11
Urbanización Torre En Conill
46117 Bétera, Valencia

In the event of a Defect that is covered by the Warranty, our obligation under the Warranty will be to provide a repair or replacement. Depending on the case, you will be entirely refunded, or we will send you a new one for free.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 14 days from the date you received the item, however you are liable for the return charges.